Thursday, September 30, 2010

High Frequency

"Congratulations on this new endeavor," began a note I received last week.

The writer continued. "I have to admit, when I first saw it, I thought, 'Oh, great, one more daily email. But I signed up because it’s you and I wanted to support you."

Um ... thanks?

"And I have to say, this daily update really is different. It’s diversified, not too heavy, gives lots of options and pulls industry and industry-related news together. I can glance at it quickly and decide what I want to see more of.....good job!"

Whew! That ended nicely. 

So have most of the notes I've received since kicking off daily5 less than two weeks ago.

From a reader in Pennsylvania:
"Each issue has a ton of valuable information, and I’m sure it saves many the time from culling through lots of publications for the worthwhile stuff. You do the culling for the industry, share what’s worth knowing, and add your own content to the mix."

"I truly love what you have done! I read it on my blackberry in the am!"

"Really well done! Can't wait to read every issue and participate!"

New York:
"Finally, a one stop shop for all my home improvement news!"

North Carolina:
"Your readers don't have time to search for all that information. You've become the go-to for remodeling news!"

"Huge congratulations on the daily5 delivery! It’s upbeat, useful, fun, and eclectic. I haven’t seen anything else quite like it."

Maryland, exercising a little hyperbole:
"Soon you will be the Kiplinger report of the remodeling world. Then the CNN of the remodeling world. Lexus Nexus of the remodeling world."

Wow. That wasn't in the business plan, but thanks. Thank you all. I really appreciate the feedback.

But also this, from Massachusetts:

"The quality and breadth of information is staggering. Are you sure you can keep it up?"

and this, from Georgia:
"I'm having difficulty reading all of it. Maybe a weekly would be better."

and this, from Ohio:
"Have you considered a weekly 'omnibus' e-newsletter instead of daily? Dailies are too frequent for me -- I almost never sign up for them -- but weeklies are more manageable."

Hmmm. Yes, I have considered a weekly. Rather, I did ... before I settled on the name (what compelled me to come up with daily 5, anyway?). 

My general feeling is this: Cranking this product out every day is a lot of work -- but it's worth every ounce of my energy if it benefits the industry and generates a following that continues to grow. 

So it's really about you. What would you like to see more of? Or less of?

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