Saturday, April 9, 2011

"I believe in the power of social media"

The winner of the March d5R Snapshots contest and the Delta Pilar faucet is Matt Urbas of First Class Construction, of Painesville, Ohio. Click here to see his winning entry.

Matt's entry was really wonderful -- a beautiful kitchen, for sure, but also a well-constructed example of how design can influence well-being. Of the "before" kitchen, he had written in his entry, "the partition wall between the kitchen and living room was like a barricade to happiness."

In 1,161 people voted during this month's contest. I asked Matt what he did to rally his troops and he wrote the following. I'm sharing it with his permission.

Our method was not complicated. Having friends and family send out emails to their freinds, family and coworkers and handing out many business cards with your webite name written on the back both may have contributed a little but I would have to say most of our votes probably came via Facebook. We held a "giveaway" contest earlier this year to announce our presence on FB and in turn acquired almost 100 followers or people that "like" us. This gave us the beginnings of a voice. A voice that we used to get the word out about this contest.

Once we were entered into the d5R contest we posted the link on our business and personal pages. The response was immediate and awesome. The validity that you gave by selecting us was something we could now market online. Once the voting started we reposted the link and asked for everyone to "share" it. I know of at least 10 that shared it. Those that did share it seem to be the more active FB'ers and in turn they have connections to many friends, 500-1000 or more, Thats a lot of new faces to put some of our best work in front of. That's how they know us now.

To win is fantastic and the Homeowners and I couldn't be happier. We knew it was a phenomenal project but going up against some of the other projects I have to admit I had my doubts. The creative ideas that some of those projects showed was really amazing. In the end though it's all about the client and their participation in "owning" the project. Their constant input from day 1 up through this contest they have been a dream to work with. Putting their personal touches on the different selections is what made this kitchen. I am so happy for them.

FYI we are planning on including the faucet as part of our next "giveaway". A way to say thanks to those who voted as well as another round of exposure. 3 rounds? Selection, voting, giveaway. Not bad for one project. I believe in the power of social media.

This is the third consecutive month that social media has driven the Snapshots contest. It's great that these remodelers and their clients are so thrilled by the win, but it's equally affirming, I think, that these remodelers have such a strong base of community support. Ask, and they'll help.

We're onto exposed glulams in our April contest. Not many residential remodelers use glulams (glued laminated timber), and the hope of the contest sponsor Rosboro is that more remodelers and builders will become interested in glulams' tremendous functionality and green qualities.

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