Wednesday, February 27, 2013

So many remodeling bloggers! The JDR awards

Jackson Design & Remodeling is a sophisticated remodeling company in the San Diego area, and for the last several years they have sponsored their own industry-wide blogging awards. It's been fascinating to watch this boots-on-the-ground industry embrace social media so enthusiastically in the past few years, and to see so many talented communicators emerge from the remodeling trenches.

And wouldn't you know it: I'm happy that d5R has been nominated for the "Best Blogger Remodeling" award, and that I (Leah Thayer) have been nominated for "Best Blogger Microblog" (which means Twitter) award.

Here's the d5R site.
Here's my Twitter feed.

Take a minute to browse the entries and cast your vote. It's a fun campaign -- thanks, JDR!

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