Monday, November 29, 2010

Contest Announcement: d5R Snapshots

Remodelers' seemingly bottomless capacity for creativity and generosity is the thinking behind Snapshots, one of the daily features in d5R and the only feature that consistently revolves around a user-generated video, image or other graphic, along with a short caption in the user's own words.
What's the goal of Snapshots? To let remodeling pros peek inside the windows of their peers -- and thus see some of the unique and wonderful things their peers are doing (other than performing high-quality remodeling work). It's one thing when a third party writes about such an event or activity; it's another when the remodeler shares the thinking behind a community service program, a marketing campaign, a team-building practice or an affirming PR coup.

Now it's your turn. In celebration of the holidays, we invite you to share a Snapshot from your company. If yours is chosen as the readers' favorite, you'll win the following gift pack of terrific remodeling resources:

From Remodelers Advantage (value: $110.95):

From Bill Robinson and Train2Rebuild, this 60-minute DVD training program for teaching crews to comply with lead-safe renovation rules (value: $79):

From Construction Programs & Results, Michael Stone's widely heralded book on selling remodeling work profitably (value: $39.95):

How to become eligible? Take a look at previously published Snapshots, then email images or a video of something your company is proud of, along with a brief caption in your words and your contact information, to snapshots@daily5Remodel. We'll invite readers to select their favorite Snapshot before we break for the Christmas holidays.

Thanks to Remodelers Advantage, Train2Rebuild and Construction Programs & Results for donating these terrific prizes.


Burgin Construction said...

Just sent mine in. Wish us Luck.

Leah Thayer said...

Fantastic, BurginCo! Good luck!

Scott said...

Great stuff. Thanks for sharing.