Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Great Remodeling Snapshots: Pick Your Favorite!

News flash: the winner is Pine Street Carpenters
From Michael Dolan, marketing director: 
"These materials will be a great resource for Pine Street, 
and a valuable part of our library. We'll be sure to put them to good and frequent use!"

Every day, we at daily5Remodel invite remodeling professionals to submit a photo, video, PDF or other image and brief caption demonstrating a best business practice. At Thanksgiving, we launched our first Snapshots contest, and here is your chance to select your favorite Snapshot published in December. The winner will receive more than $200 worth of remodeling-specific books and DVDs generously provided by Remodelers Advantage, Construction Programs & Results, and Train2Rebuild.

Poll closes January 10!

(Here's an image from December 17, submitted by Pine Street Carpenters)

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