Thursday, January 3, 2013

12.21.2012: industry news & year-end sendoff

Happy final d5R of 2012! To celebrate Christmas, the winter solstice and the end of the world, according to the Mayans, here's a collection ofd5R's liveliest discussions from the year. Each remains as relevant as ever, so learn from your peers and feel free to add your own two cents.

Warm holiday wishes and all the best for 2013. See you again — knock wood — on January 7.

Leah Thayer,

1. The most critical number on your business dashboard.

2. Someone screwed up. Do you give the client a discount?

3. How to sell when homeowners know so much.

4. Lies people tell: What’s the biggest load of BS you've heard in this job?

5. How profitable is that lead?

6. How do you determine your markup and profit?

7. Is a younger salesperson the answer?

8. False online reviews: What’s a remodeler to do?

Housing & real estate: US home values rose $1.3 trillion in 2013  •  Saved from wrecking ball: FL Wright home  •  Housing surge to bolster US growth  •  Home equity loans: best deals in years  •  Pro Remodeler’s remodeler of the year  •  Mortgage rates: 30-year up, 15-year down  •  Why 15-year mortgages are picking up steam  •  Business & economy: House postpones "cliff" vote  •  Stocks turn optimistic  •  US GDP up 3.1% from July to September  •  New jobless claims up slightly  •  Consumer borrowing likely to pick up  •  New insurance laws for 2013.

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