Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Take That Call, Salesperson!

Business is picking up again for many remodelers, making it tempting to pick and choose which calls to take and which prospects to pursue. Careful, says Darren Slaughter, who consults to contractors on website design, social media management and other aspects of sales and marketing.

"You just never know what you can learn from," or which calls will turn into business, said Darren in an email late yesterday.

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Darren Slaughter said...

Thanks for having me Leah. The genesis to that video was simply the fact that I had taken 10 calls that day on how to get my site to the 1st page of Google (they obviously don't look at what I do) and I took all 10. Because the person on the other end of that phone is just trying to better themselves, their lives, their situations. And as a salesperson, it is just professional courtesy to oblige. The residual effect is that I learn stuff all the time from those types of calls. So TAKE IT!