Tuesday, January 8, 2013

A Simple Tip for More Profitable Projects

A little work up front can save remodelers a lot of time and money in avoiding mistakes and misunderstandings that have to be cleaned up later. To that end, here's a great client management tip that David Lupberger distributed yesterday through the RemodelForce blog:

First, stock up on "carbonless memos" (here's a sampling from Amazon.com). Each time you meet with a client about a remodeling project, note the client's name, the date, who is present at the meeting, what the "action item" is, who is responsible for it, the deadline, and provide signature lines for the homeowner and contractor. Then:
"At every homeowner meeting, starting with the initial sales call, use this carbonless memo form to take notes about what was discussed, what is going to happen next, who is responsible, and when the deadline is for completion.... At the conclusion of each meeting, review the notes you have taken to make sure that you have documented the main points of your meeting. When you have determined that the notes are complete, pass the memo form over to the homeowner and ask them to review the notes. If they are in agreement with what is there, have them sign the bottom of the form, and you do likewise. Upon signing the memo form, peel off a copy and hand that copy to your homeowners."
Do this consistently, David says, and you'll benefit from stronger communications, better accountability on the part of both parties and more referrals going forward.

"This is all about homeowner management and engagement," David told me in a follow-up email yesterday. "These weekly meeting notes should become part of the homeowner notebook, which allows the homeowner to 'track' how their project is going, and allows you as the contractor to help them manage the project paper trail."

Also, he added, "Put all the documentation in a nice leather binder, and this becomes a wonderful marketing tool that you leave with each client at the end of their project."

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