Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Kitchen Design Trends: #kbtribechat gleanings

If you're not on Twitter you probably don't know #kbtribechat, a popular virtual round-robin that brings together kitchen design enthusiasts for online conversations 140 characters at a time. There was a #kbtribechat Wednesday about "learning from automotive design," but I think remodelers would enjoy more the previous chat from last week, which covered kitchen trends for 2013.

Since there are hundreds of tweets, many of them verbatim repeats (retweets) of others and many others along the lines of "Hi!" and "Welcome!", I've culled some of the meatier ones for you.

The opening question:

Some responses:

Which prompted this question:

Some responses:



And this is only 12 minutes into the chat, which went on for hundreds more tweets. See the full thread here.

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