Friday, January 11, 2013

Today's Number: 1,684

First, a correction :

Yesterday's eletter provided a very bad link for a very, very good blog. Click here for Michael Stone's "Paying Yourself" commentary, on what should be in a proper P&L statement. Sorry about that.

Now, today's 5:

Today's Number: 1,684
Where the mortgages aren't (and the money to remodel is?)
In 1,684 counties around the U.S., there's a higher percentage of homeowners who own their homes free and clear -- no mo' mortgage -- than the rest of the country on average. In Louisiana, nearly half of homes are owned outright, and the numbers aren't far behind in parts of Texas, Oklahoma, Montana and Wyoming. Home values are lower in many of these areas, perhaps also reflecting lower disposalb eincome, but it's interesting to wonder how much home equity is just sitting around, waiting for the right reason to remodel.

The heat map below, from Zillow, shows the "free and clear homeownership rate" for each of 2,159 counties. Click on the link to zoom in.

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Abe Degnan said...

Not terribly surprised that in my area it is just over 20%. People seem to live on debt here.