Thursday, January 10, 2013

Couldn’t have said it better: Top remodeling quotes of 2012

One of 21 selections in Remodeling magazine's "favorite quotes of 2012":
"Make talking about money a conversation. That's right -- don't just hit them between the eyes with a high and a low figure." REMODELING columnist Bruce Case, on how to sell successfully.
Remodelers shared some zingers on d5R last year as well. Here are a few of this editor's favorites:
"[R]emodeling and building are about as different as building a bridge vs. doing surgery. They are just totally different. We remodelers don't even use the same terminology." -- Michael Sauri, comment on "So What Is a Remodeler, Anyway?" discussion, Sept. 12
 "When the client offers that 'we watch a lot of Holmes on Homes' you know something interesting is in store." -- Paul Hamtil, comment on "Red Flag, Red Flag" discussion, June 28
"We found that childless professional couples were almost impossible to satisfy. People who have never been out of control of their lives tend to not handle the stress of having their lives upended very well." -- Green Curmudgeon, comment on "How Profitable Is That Lead?" discussion, June 14
"You have to be prepared to walk away from the money and hope that some comes back. Life is too short to worry about someone being a knucklehead." -- comment on "When the Collection Is Past Due" discussion, May 16
"It seems like these sites are (naively) built around the assumption that people will be fair and honest. And 99% of people are. But when these websites become consequence-free forums for unjustifiably angry people, there's a problem." -- comment on "We Can't Be Bullied Around" discussion, Dec. 12
"What if your company wanted to reach more Asian or Black or Hispanic buyers? How about gay buyers and their disposable income? How will you reach them?" -- Diane Menke, comment on "Is a Younger Salesperson the Answer?" discussion, Nov. 28
"If they feel strongly my staff is empowered to say, 'we may not be a good fit and thanks for calling.' No free estimates for over 15 years." -- Jeff, comment on "The Three Bid 'Rule' -- Breakable?" discussion, Sept. 26

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