Thursday, January 10, 2013

Tell your clients: That home-performance tax credit is still good

Seems all that bickering over the fiscal cliff resulted in some good news for contractors that perform home-energy retrofits. If you have clients who still haven't claimed a $500 tax credit for certain energy-efficient upgrades (e.g., insulation, air-sealing, electric heat pump), they can claim that credit now if they get the work done before the end of this year.

From the Building Performance Institute:
"Take a moment to educate your customers on the importance of these upgrades, and the limited time they have to redeem the tax credit. This is an opportunity for you to grow your relationship with your customers, and for your customers to save money on improvements that will make their homes safer and more comfortable places to live."
BPI has a new certification program that could be beneficial to remodeling salespeople, by the way: the "Building Science Principles certificate. BPI CEO Larry Zarker says "It's for those in the residential building trades and anyone interested in a career in sustainability, who need to know how homes work but don't need the hands-on technical skills required of BPI-certified professionals."

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