Monday, January 7, 2013

Remodelers' Top Priorities for 2013, Cont'd

Remodelers periodically complete business surveys on d5R, and our most recent survey revealed some uplifting stories about how remodelers retooled and bounced back in 2012 (read about four such comebacks here.)

What about 2013? Here are a few of the priorities remodelers shared:
  • "Increase sales by $600,000, from $2.4 million to $3 million."
  • "Retire some debt!"
  • Step up marketing aggressiveness -- online as well as in targeted neighborhoods.
  • Make month-to-month profitability more consistent.
  • Develop a more intense marketing plan "that accents a one-stop company for clients' remodeling needs and maintenance."
  • Open a kitchen-and-bath showroom; launch a restoration division.
  • "Pre-2010 I was mainly a new home builder that did some remodeling. Since then all my business has been remodeling. In 2013 I am seriously considering putting new homes on the back burner and start trying to carve out specific niche in kitchen remodeling."

What are your business plans for 2013, remodelers? Feel free to comment below, or take the d5R survey here.

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Darren Slaughter said...

If you are looking to increase sales by almost a 3rd and grow marketing aggressively, make sure you are managing your ROI. And start with your site first. Regardless where your physical office is, your website is your online showroom.

Darren Slaughter
DarrenSlaughter dot Com

Anonymous said...

Thanks, Darren. Great points. I think it's a challenge for many contractors to measure the ROI of their sites. Any tips?

Shawn McCadden said...

I suggest contractors read "Selling the Invisible" by Harry Beckwith before making marketing changes and decisions. If your differences are invisible to you and your prospects, you will be compromising your ROI.

here's a list of several books for remodelers looking to improve and or grow their businesses:

Shawn Mccadden