Sunday, January 13, 2013

Is a Second Career in the Cards?

Remodeling is often a lifelong career but, like any other career these days, it doesn't have to be -- and in some cases it can't be a lifelong career even if you want it to. Just as I've known of people who came to remodeling after previous jobs as accountants and lawyers and musicians, I've known of remodelers to close their businesses -- or sell them, if their timing is right -- and become building inspectors, management consultants, teachers and a number of other occupations.

If you've considered moving on from your job, and you've worried that your age might hold you back, check out this article in yesterday's New York Times. Excerpt:
"[S]ome people who have gone through the emotional and financial strains of late-career unemployment say that with skill, determination and a bit of luck, the end of a job doesn't have to be the end of the world. Changing jobs or careers can be a good thing later in life, despite the many risks. Many agree that a willingness to push beyond the comofort of location, lifestyle and line or work is vital.
See the full story here.

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Debra Cohen said...

Read the article! Very challenging, particularly in today's economy, for older workers to find a job. Entrepreneurship seems to be the way to go if you have initiative, a solid busines idea and want to live life on your own terms. I hear from a lot of contractors who can't handle the physical labor of their jobs any more and are searching for a less strenuous way to put their talents and contacts in the industry to work so that they can plan for their retirement.

HcoRealEstate said...
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